Planet Ants

Planet Ants is a brand new and unique online game that comprises an innovative networked and interconnected "social media" game that is played on smartphones either at home or in particular whilst out and about travelling and on the move.

The basic idea and concept of the game is for the player to create and then determine the fate and destiny of an ant colony. Players have to feed, enlarge, protect and defend the colony and at the same time also protect, defend and continuously expand the territory that belongs to their own nest. A group of roaming ants is always on the move to gather supplies, form new nests, enlarge the colony and expand the territory.

Players also have the ability to create powerful "super" colonies by joining together with other players to form alliances ("AlliAnts") or friendships ("FrAnts") to then use the advantages of scale to enhance and accelerate the development and expansion of their mutual colonies by providing food, nutrition and increased protection for each other and being better prepared for the expected battles in the future against "enemy" colonies.

One of the main aspects of the game and the key to what makes it so different and special from other games is the use of the existing GPS function that is installed on all smartphones and the fact that the player has the ability to use their current geographical location to communicate with their allies and friends. Eventually, this aspect will become even more important as the game develops and warfare is introduced so that the colony will be in a position to launch raids on a predatory basis and gain food and territory if they are successful.

A very detailed Nest View will show players in real time exactly what is happening with their colony and help them make decisions to create a highly efficient and effective ant colony that is ready for future action.

Players will get a chance to engage in the complexities of the life and purpose of ants and observe their team work - as well as learning about the most important aspects of their survival and expansion.

This is not just a game!

Never before have players had a chance to be a part of a real-life ant world in real time. Who will be the ultimate Queen of the Ant Kingdom? Whose alliance will be the strongest? Who will have the largest and most successful ant colony? Who will then be ready to take on the rest of the ant world? Who will survive!?

We are currently working on a crowdfunding-campaign – more information coming soon.